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Players can spawn at any Airbase or FARP that is under their teams control. To win the round, all Airbases and FARP's must be captured by your team. More information on capturing these points can be found in the Logistics topic.


An Airbase is defended by the below units:

Persian Gulf Airbase Defenses
Warsaw NATO
2x SA-11 Buk LN SAM 2x Hawk LN M192 SAM
1x SA-11 Buk RS Acquisition Radar 1x Hawk SR/MPQ-50 Acquisition Radar
1x EWR 1L13 Early Warning Radar 1x EWR 1L13 Early Warning Radar
2x ZSU-23-4 2x Vulcan M163
1x SA-13 1x Avenger M1097
1x SA-9 1x Linebacker M6
1 x SA-15 Tor 1 x Roland ADS + Roland EWR
1 x SA-19 Tunguska 1 x M48 Chaparral
1 x NASAMS AD-system
Additional units for some Naval Bases, FARPS and Airbases
Warsaw NATO
Neutrashimy Oliver Hazard Perry
T-72 M1A2 Abrams
BMP-3 M2A2 Bradley
BTR-80 LAV-25




EWR 1L13 Early Warning RadarSA-11 LauncherSA-11 BUK RS Target Acquisition Radar.pngSA-15 Tor.png

SA-19 Tunguska.pngSA-13 Strela.pngSA-9 Strela.pngZSU-23-4 Shilka.png



Oliver Hazard Perry.png

EWR 1L13 Early Warning Radar.png

Hawk LN M192 SAM Launcher.pngHawk SR-MPQ-50 Acquisition Radar.pngRoland ADS.png

NASAMS SR AN-MPQ-64F1 Sentinel.png

NASAMS C2 Mobile Command Post.pngNASAMS Launcher.png

M48 Chaparral.pngM-163 Vulcan.pngM1097 Avenger PMS.pngM6 Linebacker.png

M1A2 Abrams.pngM2A2 Bradley.png


When Airbases and FARPs are attacked for the first time in the session, reinforcements will spawn. The volume of reinforcement is scaled on the player numbers ratio. Team with less players online will have a larger reinforcement group spawning upon attack.

Reinforcements maybe spawned by a commander as well. Limited to 3 actions per session rotation and only once per objective. Reinforcements may include light armor tanks and air defense units such as Vulcans, Shilkas, short range IR-SAMs, self propelled artillery and main battle tanks.

Last Defenders:

Defender group will only spawn after the last remaining main units have been taken out. The group consist of at least

3 x ZSU-23 AAA
1 x Manpad
2 x RPG
3 x Infantry

Last defender group.png

To successfully capture an Airbase, all of these above units must be destroyed, including the Defenders group which will spawn after the main units are destroyed as a last ditch defense.


A FARP (or Forward Arming and Refueling Point) is defended by the main units in the table below. Unlike in the airbases, the radio masts and helipads are excluded from the objectives - they simply mark the FARPs location and thus do NOT need to destroyed.


Persian Gulf
NATO Warsaw
1 x Static Fuel truck Fuel truck
1 x Static Ammo truck Ammo truck
1 x Static Bunker Bunker
2 x Mobile IR SAM M1097 Avenger SA-13 Strela
2 x Mobile IR SAM M6 Linebacker SA-9 Strela
2 x Mobile AAA Vulcan ZSU-34-4 Shilka


Ammo Truck.pngFuel Truck.pngBig Bunker.png

NATO Units

M1097 Avenger PMS.pngM6 Linebacker.pngM-163 Vulcan.png

Warsaw units

SA-13 Strela.pngSA-9 Strela.pngZSU-23-4 Shilka

Last Defenders:

Just like with airbases, Last defender group will only spawn after the last remaining main units have been taken out.

Last defender group.png


Road-bases has the same basic lay out as FARPs. In addition they feature the hidden FARP unit allowing re-fueling, re-arming and repairing on a roadside while not on a physical helipad. This allows for fixed wing aircraft to make use of roads these invisible FARPs are placed in conjunction with. Road-bases normally have additional slots for fixed wing aircraft, namely the AV-8B Harrier for the NATO coalition and AJS-37 Viggen for the Warsaw coalition. See below the picture for the for details of additional units.

EDIT: current composition of units may not reflect the images below in pursuit performance testing on the server 04/2022.

Road-base external.png Road-base_map