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Carrier movements can be controlled by means of commander actions. Carrier positions will persist throughout server restarts providing a truly dynamic combat field. Current position of the fleets are also displayed on the gadget page.

Carrier group as well as any other commander assigned waypoints can be placed at a minimum distance of 60nm (pg) or 40nm (syria) from enemy airbases, farps, samsites or the enemy carrier group. Currently the fleet will pass right through other friendly units and static ships as there is no damage model implemented for a collision.

Carrier group will transit at a speed of 26kts towards the waypoint assigned by a commander. Upon server restart, the carrier group will come to a stop and the heading is reset Northerly.

Repairs are carried out by means of delivering repair crates directly to the carrier group. Repair compounds will then spawn into the harbors situated west of Lavan for the blue team and south of Fujairah for the red team in the Persian Gulf. Group will repair itself just as any airbase over time. If the fleet is completely taken out, the repair crates must be dropped into the ports.

Refueling is carried out in an identical manner.

PG Carrier group details
Kutznetsov Roosevelt
127,5 Mhz AM 127,5 MHz AM
ICLS Ch. 11