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Upon joining the server, you are required to choose a coalition by typing "blue" or "red" into the all-chat box. Once you have chosen a side you may then choose an aircraft or Combined Arms slot on the side you picked. You will be locked to your chosen side for the duration of the tour/round. You can request a side-switch once per inofficial tour/per round in the BuddySpike Discord. This is in the interest of fairness, and to stop people repeatedly swapping teams to the winning side when they feel like they are losing the battle.

During official tours (currently once every few months), you may not switch your team. (official tours will be announced in the Discord)

In the Caucasus scenario, the Blue coalition is generally a standard NATO configuration of aircraft, while the Red coalition is generally a standard Warsaw/Eastern bloc configuration of aircraft.

In the Persian Gulf (PG) scenario, the designations are reversed, in which the Red coalition is the general NATO configuration, while the Blue coalition is the general Warsaw/Eastern bloc configuration.

NOTE: For balancing purposes, certain aircraft may be present in a coalition that they would normally not be located on in other scenarios. Check which aircraft are available to each side before selecting a coalition.