Coordinating an AI Bomber Strike

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Coordinating an AI Bomber Strike

AI-bombers can be called in by reconnaissance airframes.

Warsaw Coalition: TF-51D, L-39ZA Albatross, Yak-52

NATO Coalition: TF-51D, C-101, SA-342M Gazelle

  1. Maintain any altitude and fly within 7km or 3,78nm distance of a enemy airbase, FARP or SAM-site
  2. Capture INTEL via F10 radio menu while inside the maximum intel-capturing radius
  3. Deliver INTEL via F10 radio menu, airframe does not have to be inside the 7km / 3,78nm radius for delivering.
  4. A server message is broadcasted for both coalitions indicating takeoff airfield and a target area allowing the opposition to send in interceptors and offensive team to provide escort.
  5. An AI-bomber; B-1B Lancer for NATO coalition and TU-22M3 Backfire-C for Warsaw coalition will spawn over the closest friendly airbase that is at least 105 km (56.7 nmi) away from its target, climbing to 13000 m (~42600 ft) and accelerating to a speed of around 450 kts (~830 km/h). Flight time between Intel deliver and bombing is typically 10-20 minutes.
  6. Once the bomber will overfly the enemy target area, a script will destroy about 25% of the assets. A server message is broadcasted whether bombing was successful or if the bomber was intercepted.
  7. Bomber is despawned after about 5 minutes of overflying the target area.

You can think of the INTEL gathering as slots.There's two available at any given time to a coalition. This means one reconnaissance airframe can gather and hold two INTELS at a time for two different targets.Two seperate reconnaissance airframes can each hold one INTEL at a time for two different areas.Once INTEL is delivered, a slot is vacated for you to pick it up for the second time for the same area or for another friendly recon plane to make use of the slot. Only a single bomber enroute is possible per one objective at a time. Delivering INTEL for the second time for the same objective requires the bomber to be either completely destroyed or de-spawned before INTEL can be delivered again. Due to the nature of scripts, a bomber must be completely destroyed in order to successfully intercept it.

B1B Lancer B1B.png TU-22M3 Backfire-C TU-160.png