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While spawning and issuing waypoints for the drones remains a task for the commanders Drones can be a helpful tool for the whole team.

MQ-9 Reaper.png

MQ-9 Reaper UAV will spawn above the nearest friendly airfield. The UAV will transition to and orbit over a waypoint issued by the commanders at a speed of 180-200kts while maintaining 21000ft. Actions are limited to 2 per session. Once airborne, the DRONE will begin searching targets autonomously, prioritizing air defenses, laze them and will automatically switch designation when target is destroyed.

UAV buddy lazing can be used through both in-game radio menu frequency 259.000 Mhz AM or via JTAC Script by selecting in the radio menu OTHER then JTAC STATUS. Targets illuminated, coordinates, grid, type, and lazer codes are briefly displayed in the top right corner as a server message. the 9-line can be recalled via radio menu OTHER -> JTAC STATUS.

Just like with standard ground based JTACS - targets lazed are in addition indicated by a red smoke for red units and blue smoke for blue units. UAV can illuminate targets as far as 30-40nm out. Larger the target, further the detection range same applies to the altitude. Drones do not see targets in terrain mask. This action currently only available in Modern scenarios.