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You can open the gadget page via general URL:

or use the map specific URLs:

Gadget allows you to follow the progress of the battle remotely through the webpage. Additional functions include:

  • Player list and their SRS connectivity status in addition to airframe currently used. Sauron eye icon means the player is currently in GCI / JTAC slot. Headphones icon means the player is connected to SRS.
  • Frequencies players are tuned in on over SRS (by hovering the mouse over a player)

Gadget freq.jpg

  • General coordinates of an objective in LAT/LON, MGRS, elevation and PAK - area the objective is part of (PAK areas are a quick reference to be used with the radio menu, for example check in which PAK an airbase belongs to in the gadget and use the in-game radio menu to get the immediate and most recent data on objective status)
  • Right clicking an objective will bring up linked functions (if any), such as which fuel bases are contributing to which airbases or if and objective has a subsidiary objective (for example SA-6 site is a subsidiary objective to Rayak and is found somewhere inside the blue box:

Subsidiary objectives.jpg

  • Associated SRS IP-addresses are indicated under the player list whenever switching between maps / eras in case you have trouble connecting up.