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Live GCI is a text to speech implementation of EWR-reports. It's a passive and automated. LiveGCI will pick your call-sign and passively give you a BRAA callouts automatically when airborne and you have enemy contacts within ~50nm.

In addition, via radio menu, players can;

- Set units metric/imperial

- Set scheduled reports every 1 / 2 / 5 - minutes

- Request immediate EWR report. (works beyond the 50nm limit, but no further than actual EWR detection range)

Simply tune to the frequency and use the radio menu to request a scheduled update from the Live GCI though the radio menu. Live GCI is essentially a robot, providing a BRAA call-outs. Live GCi will only talk to airborne aircraft. Live GCI will recognize and attempt to pronounce your call-sign in liaison with the BRAA calls. Therefore a simplified call-sign is better, more simple and doesn't clutter the comms as much. As an example; Callsign "SF_Thorax" would be pronounced as "sfunderscorethorax" where as "SF | Thorax" is pronounced "sf thorax". Character such as | is ignored by the text to speech script and thus recommended prefix designator for squadrons or lone wolfs.

A coalition needs at least one player placed EWR up until the system begins to contribute for the Live GCI picture. Just like most other player placed units, they will expire after 24 hours.

Live GCI freqs
RED 264,000 35,000
BLUE 265,000 35,000