Pilot Lives

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Blue Flag operates a lives system whereby the player is restricted to how many times they can respawn after getting killed. You may return one of your lives by successfully landing at a friendly airbase or FARP. *link needed to FARP/airbase page*

Note: Returning to spectators or getting into a new aircraft whilst still in the air will result in a life being removed - always land to return your life!

Once you have used all your lives for a particular role, you will no longer be able to pick an aircraft in that role until the life timer resets every 6 hours. You can check how many lives you have remaining by typing "-lives" into the chatbox.

A logistics pilot can acquire and extra life when delivering fuel to an airbase or a carrier group which has critical fuel level ( <75 000 kg)


Fighters - 3 lives

Interceptors - 4 lives

Ground Attack - 4 lives

Recon - 6 lives

Transport - 6 lives