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Thank you every one for participating in BLUE FLAG EVENTS - JUNE 2022 in collaboration with Eagle Dynamics

BFE COL 003 002 HD.jpg

Final score and ranking can be found HERE

Welcome to the Buddyspike BLUE FLAG wiki!

Operation BLUE FLAG is a 24\7 persistent multiplayer team vs team mission focusing on teamwork and cooperation to achieve victory through domination and capture of all objectives.

We have scenarios on the Caucasus, Persian Gulf, Nevada and Normandy maps.

Tacview replays of previous missions can be viewed here:

Persian Gulf Modern + Caucasus Cold war (OPEN IN NEW TAB TO AVOID GOOGLE DRIVE ERROR 403) or

Caucasus (80s & modern) + Normandy (OPEN IN NEW TAB TO AVOID GOOGLE DRIVE ERROR 403) or

Monitor the servers map overview/player list or view statistics with the handy web gadget:

Join our Discord channel here


Server Information, FAQ's & Information for Beginners


Available Airframes

Restricted Weapons

Pilot Lives

Airbases, Road-bases, Naval Bases & FARPS


Coordinating an AI Bomber Strike



SAM - Script